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Shuron Glasses

– Classic Vintage American Eyewear

Shuron Eyeglasses Ronsir Timberline Shuron eyeglasses are the glasses of the 1950s, popularized in pop culture all the way up until now. Eyeglasses and especially sunglasses make a statement about one’s personal style and personality – and no eyeglass frames are as distinctive as the frames Shuron created – and still sell. Of the vintage eyeglass brands (“retro style” glasses), there are only a few popular – Ray Ban and Shuron being the top two.

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To this day, Shuron Ronsir is a popular frame as well as Shuron Nusir Bouquet and Shuron Nulady Deluxe for the ladies. It seems like any self-respecting hot rod enthusiast, rockabilly fan, retro pinup, or anyone else who loves classic American culture (and needs glasses!) will wear Shuron prescription glasses.

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Shuron glasses are what I wear, and Shuron is what site is about! This is the “unofficial fan site” of Shuron glasses. I’m a fan of vintage glasses in general, but Shuron is (in my opinion) the leader when it comes to classic styled frames. The types of vintage eyeglasses I’m talking about are the ones you think of when you hear the terms “rockabilly”, “horn-rimmed”, “browline”, “G-Man”, or “Buddy Holly”-style glasses. The ones that used to be called “nerd glasses”. That might have been true at one time, but they’re not nerdy anymore!

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I’ve written about vintage glasses on this site, and feature some of the the vintage-style Shuron glasses that are still in production. I also talk about other aspects of retro style and vintage items in some of the other articles, which I hope you enjoy. So please stick around, send me your questions and comments, and most of all – enjoy your visit!

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