Why Buy Shuron Frames?


Why I Think You Should Buy Shuron Eyeglasses

In case you haven’t noticed – I’m a Shuron fan. I wear a pair of Shurons (either the Revelation or usually one of my two pairs of Sidewinders) almost every day. But it’s not just because they’re “cool” glasses or because I’m into “retro” stuff; I have actual reasons for staying loyal to Shuron!

Shuron is an American icon.

Remember classic brands like Levi’s jeans, Schwinn bicycles, Ray-Ban sunglasses, or Converse All-Stars shoes? They used to be made in America, of the highest quality. Used to. It’s difficult to find a classic, iconic American brand that’s still…American. Shuron is one of the few companies that’s still American-made and still of the same quality.

Shuron makes their frames in the USA.

This cannot be understated, because it means you will not receive cheap Chinese junk when you buy a pair of Shuron eyeglasses. You will receive accurately manufactured, solidly put-together frames, made with the best quality of materials. Made in America – like they’ve always been.

Shuron stands behind their product.

All Shuron products are guaranteed for material and construction for one year from purchase, and all special orders are 100% refundable.

Shuron has excellent service.

I have heard only good things about Shuron from other people, and my experience with their products has been exceptional! They go so far as to send you sample frames, so you can get your size “just right”! If you contact their Special Orders department, they will send you a few pairs of different sizes (with an initial deposit). If you want to order from your local optometrist, contact Shuron and they will contact your local optical outlet. They state: “We will do whatever is required to get Shuron products to you.”

Shuron glasses are distinctive and very cool!

It’s an inconvenience to have to wear glasses to see, so why not have some fun with it? Wearing retro-style Shurons, you will get noticed – and will probably get a few compliments!