5 Vintage Eyeglasses You Know From the Movies

One inspiration for our style is undoubtedly the movies. And there’s no shortage of iconic eyeglasses when we look back at some famous films we all know and love. Check out five of the most famous vintage eyeglasses you know from the movies….

Vintage Eyewear in Film

If you like the glasses from any of these movies, you can buy them yourself and recreate these classic looks. Some of these are timeless, classic styles – like Audrey Hepburn’s Manhattan sunglasses and even Kevin Costner’s Shuron Ronsir Zyls from the movie JFK. Others aren’t exactly in current vogue – but they’re easily recognizable and in many ways define the character in the film – like D-FENS in the film Falling Down.

If you’re interested in the glasses we’re highlighting here, we’ve found some of the sources for you.

josh hutcherson heart-shaped sunglassesIf you want to look flirtatious and naughty – like Sue Lyons in Lolita – you need a pair of sunglasses like she’s wearing on the movie poster. Interestingly, she is never shown in the actual film wearing those exact same sunglasses – instead, she wears a different pair of “cat-eye” sunglasses in one scene.

And don’t think you need to be a “lolita” to wear these glasses. Maybe you’re a young man and you want to goof off like Josh Hutcherson (from The Hunger Games) did at the 2012 NewNowNext Awards: you also need a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses.

Either way, you can findĀ them on AmazonĀ here.

Want to dress up as Ralphie from A Christmas Story? The classic film and a few of the characters are instantly recognizable. All you’ll need is a Red Ryder BB gun, maybe a pink bunny suit…but you’ll also need to find a pair of Ralphie’s glasses. While the exact vintage make and model for these glasses is unknown, there are a few classic styles of panto glasses that look very similar. One of the better replicas is the Percey glasses from Warby Parker (in the color “striped sassafras”).

If you want to go with a bolder look – that still is in style – there are a number of browline frames available. From name brands like the Ray-Ban (and the classic Clubmasters) to our featured brand here – Shuron – you can find current production vintage-style frames from a few different sources. Start by checking out our the Ronsir Zyl by Shuron, and consider the Ray-Bans here.