Vintage Eyeglass Fashion

There’s a certain cache that comes with vintage glasses. Not everyone can achieve the aura of chic style; it takes a special type of person to pull it off properly. But for those who have the confidence and the desire to be different than the crowd, wearing vintage eyeglasses is one of the easiest fashion statements to make.

In the 21st Century, wearing the retro eyewear of yesteryear may label you as a nonconformist, a free-spirit, an artistic-type, just plain cool…or just plain weird. But just know this: people will notice you, and you will stand out just because you’ll look unique.

Malcolm X Wearing Glasses

Additionally, certain types of glasses are associated with the rebels, rule-breakers and innovators of the past. Many iconic pictures that you’ll recognize are of famous figures wearing certain types of eyeglasses – that became their own trademarks. The first such glasses-wearing celebrity that many people think of is John Lennon, wearing his round “granny” eyeglasses. But he’s not the only one!

Some other famous people who are associated with their eyewear are as follows…

  • Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Malcolm X, black leader and liberationist
  • Michael Douglas (playing the character only known as “D-Fens”) in the movie Falling Down
  • Kevin Costner (as Jim Garrison) wears them in the movie JFK
  • Orville Redenbacher, popcorn god

Shuron Falling Down Vintage Glasses

These celebrities (or the characters they played) are all associated with the classic Shuron “Ronsir”-type vintage eyeglass frames. (Not all of them wore actual Shurons, but all the people above wore what are termed “browline” eyeglasses.) Occasionally, other celebrities will be seen wearing vintage eyeglasses as well – but to be known for wearing them requires devotion.

Sean Lennon Wearing Browline Eyeglasses

We remember all these people because they did significant things or were larger-than-life in some way. A simple fashion accessory such as a pair of eyeglasses won’t turn you into a celebrity, nor will it transform you into a bigger or better person. But they way your eyeglass frames look can give you a bit more flair, make you a bit more noticeable, and cause people to remember your style.