Shuron Retro Sunglasses

What a lot of people don’t realize is that you don’t have to wear traditional, ready-made sunglasses. As cool and stylish as they are, there’s no rule that says you have to wear Ray-Bans – even if you like the style of retro sunglasses. I personally don’t leave home without a pair of black Wayfarers, but there are other times when I put on my Sidewinders – my Shuron Sidewinder sunglasses, that is.

shuron sunglasses

Some of the Shurons look great – really great – when they’re made into retro sunglasses. The Ronsir Zyl, in particular, is a great pair of frames for sunglasses. Sure – they sell a clip-on for the Ronsir, but it doesn’t look as good as a “real” pair of sunglasses and it’s heavier as well. With an actual pair of sunglasses, there’s no extra “stuff” in the way and no extra weight.

There are two ways to turn a regular pair of glasses into sunglasses. One way is to get special lenses that change color in sunlight. These work fine, but the color change isn’t instantaneous – so be aware that you will see a gradual fading effect even minutes after you’ve come indoors from being outside. The second option is to just get regular prescription sunglasses lenses. I do this: I have one regular pair of glasses, and one that’s got prescription lenses.

If you’re like me, you wear glasses on some days and contacts on others. When I have contacts in, I wear my Ray-Bans. When I’m wearing glasses, I just wear my prescription Shuron sunglasses when I’m outside. I think it happens to be a nice setup, and I recommend the Ronsir Zyl for this if you want a classic “Clubman” style pair of prescription sunglasses. If you want your sunglasses to look different than everyone else’s out there, go for the Sidewinders or a pair of Freeways.