Shuron Nusir Royale

Shuron Eyeglasses Nusir Royale

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What do they call a lady’s Shuron cat eye frame in France? I don’t know, but this one is called the Royale – the Nusir Royale. It’s a bit higher quality and more ornate than the other ladies’ frames, and comes in a different assortment of colors. Here’s a semi-official description:

Stylized in a Wayfarer type, the Shuron Nusir Royale Eyewear is the most sought after model by women. Intricate designs are detailed on the end pieces and on the upper-rim, near the bridge in glossy materials, accentuating the beauty-quotient of the wearer. This optic wear is gold-plated, escalating its worth and your prestige. Its adjustable nose pads and skull temples add to the comfort-factor of the user.

So go ahead and enhance your beauty-quotient – get a pair of Nusir Royales. When you order, you have a choice of temple types as well as a choice of colors which include Ginger Snap, Mauve, Wheatfield Beige, Twilite, and Pewter.

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