Shuron Nusir Bouquet

Shuron Eyeglasses Nusir Bouquet

Bouquets are perfect for ladies, and the Shuron Nusir Bouquet is definitely a ladies’ eyeglass. These retro frames are reminiscent of the Shuron Ronsir due to very similar styling – although the Bouquet has a lower height, more feminine styling, and more subdued colors. If you’re a girl who admires the classic Ronsir look but want something designed for a lady, then you’ll want a pair of these elegant frames.

The Shuron Nusir Bouquet comes in a few colors including demi amber, ebony, wheatfield beige, gray pearl and all the Ronsir colors.

shuron nusir bouquet wheatfield beige framesshuron nusir bouquet pewter eyeglass frames

The Nusir Bouquet is no longer available
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