Shuron Nulady Deluxe

Shuron Eyeglasses Nulady Deluxe

shuron nulady deluxe ebony glasses frames

Are you “too good” for the plain old Nulady CB? (I’m kidding.!) Need a pair of cat-eye frames that are just a bit fancier? Then you need a pair of Nulady Deluxe frames. The Shuron Nulady Deluxe is the same eyeglass frame as Shuron’s Nulady CB but they have the addition of simulated jeweling on the front of the frame. It’s a slightly different style for a different mood or look – but the overall shape and vibe is the same as the other cat eye frames.

shuron nulady deluxe beige eyeglassesnulady deluxe blue shuron eyeglasses

The Shuron Nulady Deluxe glasses come in Beige, Blue or Ebony.

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