Shuron Mitch

Shuron Mitch on Mad MenIf you’re in search of this particular model, you’re not alone. The “Mitch” has become quite popular over the last year or so, largely due to the character Harry Crane wearing them in the first season of the TV show Mad Men. The bad news? Shuron doesn’t currently produce the Mitch frame, so if you want a genuine “Mitch”, you’ll have to scrounge for them on eBay.

Quote from a past auction: “Mitch eyeglass frames were hand made in the U.S.A. by Shuron Textron. They are made of black zyl and feature circular silver rivets and 7-barrel hinges.”

shuron mitch eyeglasses from mad men

Now for the good news: Shuron does make a frame called the “Freeway”. If you compare the Freeway to the Mitch, you’ll notice that they’re exactly the same eyeglasses! So if you want a pair of Mitches, and you don’t mind that they’re not actual vintage frames from the sixties – just order a pair of brand-new Freeway frames.