How to Clean Your Glasses

Keeping your glasses clean is an important part of not only seeing correctly, but looking good. Smudges and particles on your lenses can make you look unkempt and can prevent you from seeing clearly. That’s common sense; what isn’t common sense is the correct way to clean your glasses.

What most of us do when we have dirty eyeglasses is instinctual: we take off our glasses and we then grab the end of our t-shirt and wipe the eyeglass lenses until they look o.k. This works in a pinch, but it’s really not the best method for keeping your lenses free of debris.

Eyeglass Lens Cleaning ClothsThere are two much better ways to wipe your lenses (and frames)! These two methods take just a few seconds longer but they yield much better results and will prolong the life of your eyeglass frames by keeping them pristine. Whether you’ve got a vintage pair of Italian frames or more modern glasses from your local optometrist, you owe it to yourself to clean your glasses the best possible way.

For the first method, you’ll need two items: cleaning solution and a lint-free cloth. You can pick up a basic kit from any drugstore, or you can get a slightly better kit from an optometrist or online. The cleaning solution often comes in a small spray bottle, and does a far better job than water (or saliva!) at cleaning your glasses. It dissolves within seconds and leaves no streaks. The cleaning cloth is silky and made of fine cotton or microfiber. It’s important to use a cloth like this so as to not scratch your lenses!

This is my preferred method of cleaning my glasses – I invested a lot into choosing my frames and getting quality lenses, so I treat my investment with care.

When I’m in a rush, however, I go with the second-best method: cleaning wipes. These are specially made for cleaning lenses, and they come in small sealed packages. When I quickly need to clean my glasses, I grab one of my lens wipes from my glovebox (if I’m in my car) or from my briefcase. I rip the pack open, wipe my lenses, and I’m good to go.

These wipes come in a small box (usually in a box of 100), and they’re very handy. They cost more per use than the cleaning solution, but they save time when I need to quickly clean my glasses.

So, please keep these methods in mind if you want to clean your eyeglasses the “right” way. No more spit cleanings, ok? 😉