Rockabilly Glasses and Rockabilly Style

If you’re a fan of fifties rock ‘n roll or a fan of modern-day rockabilly music, then you’ve seen that certain types of glasses go right along with guitars.

Buddy Holly GlassesThe foremost (most famous) musician to wear thick glasses shamelessly was Buddy Holly. Buddy Holly was known not only for tearin’ it up on the guitar and making the girls swoon, but for his thick-framed black glasses. Half a century later, he’s still a rock god and his style glasses are definitely a symbol of the music of his era. His look has been copied and even caricatured, but it’s still cool.

If you want an example of a modern-day Buddy Holly, look no further than Rivers Cuomo of the band Weezer. (In fact, they did a song about Buddy Holly.) He doesn’t wear his glasses as much as he used to, but he’s fairly well-known for wearing what are often referred to as “horn-rimmed” glasses. (These are more properly termed browline glasses.)Rivers Cuomo Glasses

In other parts of our modern music culture, you can see glasses-wearing punk rockers and rockabilly guys and gals at any of their music shows. A performance by a band like Tiger Army or the Rev. Horton Heat will bring out not only the tattoos, pomade, and cuffs, but full-on rockabilly glasses like the Shuron Ronsirs and Shuron Sidewinders. Guaranteed.

Why is this? Why do fans of certain music tend to wear certain things? It’s like anything else: people who identify with certain things tend to congregate.

Rockabilly fans tend to enjoy the same types of music, in general: hard and fast, and stripped-down. That’s why there’s a cross-subcultural appeal for both punk rock and early rock. Both have a few basic instruments, both sound pure and raw, and both represent rebellion. (What’s not to love?)

Rockabilly fans also tend to have a nostalia or fascination with the early years of modern America – the glory days of the United States. During these years (late 40’s through early 60’s) the U.S.A. displayed the height of prosperity and power. And the nearsighted of the populace displayed the kind of glasses made today by Shuron.

Rockabilly PomadeWith that being the case, it’s natural for modern rockabilly devotees to adopt not only the attitude of early rockers – but the look. The look usually consists of cuffed dark blue jeans (Levi’s with big cuffs!), slicked-back hair (often pomped-up with some Murray’s pomade), a pair of Converse All-Stars, and perhaps a bowling shirt or just a white t-shirt. Since contacts weren’t really an option in the fifties, that look often includes Shuron glasses – the Nusir for the ladies or the Ronsir for the guys.

So if you want to rock the rockabilly style, you know the clothes, you know the music, and now…you know the glasses.