Shuron Sidewinder

Shuron Eyeglasses Sidewinder

The Shuron Sidewinder is a great eyeglass frame, and has a slightly different appearance than the Shuron Freeway (their close cousin). These are extremely durable, distinctive, and they come in a couple of color choices. But before you make your decision, read the following review from an actual purchaser:

“I’ve worn Shuron (Freeway) now for 8 years with a new pair every two years. This is my first pair of Sidewinders & I’m very happy with their slight style change from the Freeways that I’ve worn for close to a decade. The front of both frames is essentially identical aside from the hinge area. The Freeway have a little metal bar & the Sidewinder have two little metal “rivet” dots on each corner tab. The MAIN difference between these glasses are the arms. The Freeways have a thinner more “typical plastic frame” sized arm & the Sidewinders have much wider arms that tapper towards the end. In my opinion the Sidewinders look a little more retro & stylish but that could be because it’s a change of pace from 8yrs of the same frame. Either way, I love the Sidewinder frame. These are VERY close style wise to the freeway but they’re a little heaftier looking. They (like all Shuron frames) have fixed hinges without srpings. If you’re a little wider faced like me it takes a little bit of wear until they loosen up & shape to your face. They are very comfortable glasses & I’ll be ordering another pair soon. I’m going to use one pair for work (where glasses get broken quite easily) & one for play. Shuron makes a GREAT product. I’ve only had one pair where an arm broke and that was after 2+ years of hard daily wear.”

So you see, the main differences will be in the temples and the rivets on the front. Sidewinders are also a little “thicker” than the Freeways. Similar styles, but the Shuron Sidewinder is a bit more beefy.

The Shuron Sidewinder eyeglasses come in the colors Ebony (Black), & Demi Amber (Brown Tortoiseshell).

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